Self-Care Untruth #2: Your Self-Care Should Always Feel Good

September 18, 2018

Over the next few weeks, I'm breaking down the self-care untruths that keep us from:

1) practicing authentic self-care in our lives, and

2) using this self-care to help fix the broken parts of our world. 

In this episode, I discuss why authentic self-care may feel uncomfortable in the moment, but will always lead to you feeling more powerful in your life. 

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Self-Care Untruth #1: You Don’t Need to Fix Yourself to Fix the World

September 11, 2018

Over the next few weeks, I'm breaking down the self-care untruths that keep us from,

1) practicing authentic self-care in our lives, and
2) using this self-care to help fix the broken parts of our world. 

In this episode, I share the essential difference between self-care and self-improvement (learn why you aren't needy!), and how to transform your self-care into the visionary leadership necessary to create an anti-racist society. 

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Self-Care for Having Conversations About Racism with Reba Thomas and Elsa Duré

August 23, 2018

Can you imagine having a conversation about racism that is both challenging and enjoyable? 

Do you think there is a place for love when diving into such difficult topics? 

Listen to this podcast with my self-care co-facilitators Elsa Duré and Reba Thomas, and learn how a group of women from our community went through a powerful conversation series about racism (Note, we have a few tech issues in the podcast, but please keep going with it - it's just such a rich conversation!).

Then, check out the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement for Beautiful Life Self-Care (this was inspired by a transformational course I took with the brilliant Adaway Group). 

This focus on anti-racism is part of my continuing effort to recreate Beautiful Life Self Care as a business that inspires and protects the self-care of all people. 

Are you interested in this work? Sign up for the waiting list for the Beautiful Life Collective, my upcoming membership program that will help us find the balance between caring for ourselves and caring for our world. 


Morning Routines That Work with My Morning Routine Blog Co-Creater Benjamin Spall

August 6, 2018

After a big pause (geez, moving is hard!), I am back with a new podcast on morning routines!  I recorded this podcast back in May with My Morning Routine co-creater Benjamin Spall, right before the launch of the blog's amazing My Morning Routine book. As you might know by now, I am a big believer in the power of self-care morning routines and love learning how other people begin their days. In this podcast (and their awesome book), Benjamin shares the morning routines of some the most creative and effective people in our world today. Listen and get inspired to create your own dynamic morning routine!


How Feminism and Making Money Go Together with Feminist Business Maven Stephanie Newman

May 31, 2018

Are you sacrificing your feminist values for a stable paycheck? Do you want to take more socially-conscious risks in your career but feel afraid? Stephanie Newman shows women how to create real businesses that align with their deeper feminist values while making good money.

During our conversation, we speak about the myth of "needing" to stay at your office job, how feminist values can create a viable business, and the stories of our grandmothers (and how they influence our current ventures). Listen and learn how to bring more feminism into your career - the world really needs it!

Most recently, Stephanie launched an online course that teaches socially conscious women how to launch their businesses. You can find it at


Standing Up For a Change with Congressional Candidate Laura Moser

May 1, 2018

Laura Moser is a mother, journalist, author, and she is running for Congress in Texas's 7th district. She represents a new phase of American politics - one where compassionate citizens step forward to make a difference.

Listen to our conversation to learn why Laura's decided to run (it happened right after she took my Self Care 101 program!), how she handles the constant criticism that comes with putting herself out there, and the simple ways she practices self-care on the campaign trail.

Please donate to Laura's campaign (she needs every bit of help to win the runoff on May 22nd):


A Conversation with my Baby Daddy: Self-Care for Dating, Getting Knocked Up and Becoming Parents

April 17, 2018

My partner Micah and I decided to do something a little risky: talk about our relationship for the podcast. We discuss our first date, the day I told him I was pregnant and how we practice self-care as new parents. It’s a little personal and a little awkward - just the two of us having a conversation. Also, I’ve upgraded to better sound quality. I hope you enjoy!


Self Care 2.0: How To Unstick Your Life Using Self-Care

March 12, 2018
I'm so happy to announce the Self-Care 2.0 FREE virtual workshop on Saturday, March 23 from 3-4pm EST.  

During this highly-interactive workshop we'll go beyond the basic recommendations of eating a good breakfast and exercising three times a week.  You already know that stuff, right?  

Instead, we'll learn the real, nitty-gritty self-care that can move your life forward in the most powerful and wonderful ways.  

Together, we’ll learn:

  • The biggest misconception about self-care (and how it’s keeping you stuck)

  • The three self-care practices that will move your life forward

  • The super easy way to make sure you’re getting enough self-care, every single day

Truly, this is the self-care that's taken me decades to learn and, once I did, it completely transformed my life.  I'm really looking forward to breaking it all down so it can be much easier for you and so you can even have fun in the process!

Sign up for the workshop HERE.


A Heartstorm to Feel Beautiful with Skincare Guru Jingo Lewis

February 26, 2018

If you're having a low moment, listen to this podcast! In it, I "heartstorm" with Jingo Lewis, the creator of the super natural and yummy Neitra skincare line. We talk about how our culture leads us astray in our pursuit of looking good and the incredibly simple ways to reconnect to our natural beauty, starting with our skin and moving to every aspect of our being. In full honesty, I started this conversation in a bit of a funk and Jingo's spirit lifted me right up. I know it will for you too!

To learn more about Jingo and order the wonderful products from Neitra, visit their website:

Remember, if you use the code "gracy," you will receive 20% off your order! (Make sure to get a natural Deo - they are really good!)


Tapping into Your Intuition with Healer Damla Aktekin

February 15, 2018
Just like anything, accessing the intuition is an essential part of self-care. However, in this right-brained moment of technology and logic, how do we learn to listen in? Damla Aktekin is a healer who helps people learn to do exactly this and as a result, find a different kind of harmony in their lives. In our conversation, we speak about crystals, chakras, and yoga and how they can be of practical benefit to all of us. Also, we dive into the hardships and gifts of motherhood, and how to source the deeper energy necessary to parent mindfully. 
To learn more about Damla's work, please visit: