Navigating Life Through Ceremony with Celebrant Hannah Nielsen-Jones

June 27, 2017
The ceremonies of celebrant Hannah Nielsen-Jones have helped me to process tough life experiences (like my father's death) and prepare for huge transitional moments (such as the upcoming birth of my first child).  For each individualized ceremony she prepares, Hannah combines her life-affirming writing skills with her big knowledge of different cultural traditions in a way that I've never experienced before. 
In this conversation, Hannah and I discuss celebrations as a form of cultural self-care, creating non-traditional ceremonies (like a PHD completion or a new mother's return to work) and how to use the essence of ceremony to transition through the many twists and turns of life.  Also, we dip into self-care for people who are getting married, i.e. how to make your wedding truly feel like a creation of your own.
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Ending Overeating with Dignity, a Conversation with Sensible Life Coach Max Daniels

June 20, 2017
Oh how I love the simple clarity of Max Daniels, a sensible life coach who specializes on the issues of women, body image and eating with dignity our current food culture. A former binge eater, she has found a way to eat and live with sanity and has taught many other people -- mostly women who think getting thinner will solve everything -- to do the same. 
In our conversation, we talk about why diets don't work, how different eating structures work for different people, and the diet-free guru who changed both of our lives.  
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Birthing Your Wild Intuition with Midwife Sister MorningStar

May 21, 2017

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