Self Care With Gracy

What Powerful Women Do and Don’t Do with Podcaster and Blogger Myrrhanda Novak

April 5, 2019
Despite trying not to care what others think, do you still find yourself struggling with you "should" and "shouldn't" do as a woman? Underneath it all, do you limit your life out of fears of what might happen if you were to really be authentic? 
During my conversation with WOMENdon'tDOthat podcast and blog founder Myrrhanda Novak, we cover a lot of territory! We discuss what it means to be a modern, integrated woman and how live as a feminist against the backdrop of seemingly-conventional institutions, like Christianity. Also, Myrrhanda shares the experience of losing her 16 month-old son and the self-care that helped her through this immensely difficult period. 
To stay in touch with Myrrhanda and and connect to the WOMENdon'tDOthat movement, you can visit her website < and follow her on Instagram <>

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