Self Care With Gracy

The Self-Care of Facing Trauma with Psychotherapist and Coach Lori Beth Goldman

November 16, 2019
How is your unaddressed trauma affecting your self-care? Do you sense that facing the difficult places in your past will help you move forward in your life?
My conversation with psychotherapist and somatic intimacy coach Lori Beth Goldman will help you find self-care as you explore the harder parts of your life journey. A trauma specialist, Lori helps women move past chronic suffering into true confidence and power. 
In our conversation, we discuss the importance of feeling and trusting our bodies, why women need to take particular care when addressing their trauma, and how facing our trauma can actually unlock loads of joy. I hope you enjoy and find the self-care you need!

To learn more about Lori, you can check out her website and blog at or by phone at (510) 414-5701. You can also follow her on facebook at loribeth or on instagram at feminine.somatic.alchemy  

She also shares her personal transformational journey in the essay "Your Freedom Lies in the Struggle" as part of the Amazon compilation book, "The Empowered Woman Series."  

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