Self Care With Gracy

Self-Care in Dysfunctional Relationships with Our Loved Ones and Donald Trump (Time sensitive podcast!)

June 19, 2019

Do you lose yourself easily in relationships? Do you have a hard time being okay when others aren't? Do you watch the news and often get lost in your rage about our current state of political affairs?

Join the club! So many of us are struggling with these incredibly challenging codependent/enmeshed dynamics in our personal relationships and beyond. These toxic forces can subtly and overtly disrupt our self-care and leave us feeling like we aren't worthy of caring for ourselves.

There is relief though! In this episode, I share the three self-care practices and perspectives that have helped me come into healthy relationship with the people in my life. I also offer the ways I create more internal serenity with the bigger political/societal forces at play, while not losing my focus on creating a more just, beautiful world for all. 

Understanding the connection between the personal and political is more important than ever. If you struggle with practicing self-care, it's important to understand how these damaging societal forces are inhibiting your well-being. If you are trying to make bigger change in the world, a practice of authentic self-care will ensure that you're not unconsciously furthering toxic dynamics in your activism. 

One of the most powerful ways to practice self-care is by joining a self-care community. For this, almost a year ago I created the Beautiful Life Collective, a community of amazing women practicing authentic self-care together. This is the self-care that changes lives and creates a true culture of self-care (the kind that spreads quickly to the other people in our lives and beyond!).

We are open for new members until Friday, June 21st until midnight EST! To learn more go here:

Please write me at if you have any questions about joining! Looking forward to supporting your self-care! 

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