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Politics for People Who Don’t Like Politics with Congressional Candidate Mckayla Wilkes

October 29, 2019

Do you feel turned off or disillusioned by the political discourse these days? Or, do you just want to understand more about the connection between your personal self-care and progressive politics?

If so, my conversation Mckayla Wilkes, who is running against incumbent Steny Hoyer in Maryland's 5th District of Congress, will inspire your own political and personal power. Mckayla decided to run for office after a series of difficult experiences in the criminal justice system that stemmed from trauma in her youth. Instead of hiding her story out of shame, she's decided to share her full experience to help others who are struggling and heal a system that lacks empathy for challenging life experiences. Now she's taking on one of the most powerful members of Congress and gaining amazing momentum!

During our time together, we discuss: the power of empathy and how progressive politics is fueled by it, how to recognize and honor your personal power (even when it's doubted by others), the self-care you need to run for office, and much more.

Also, as I mentioned in the opening, my husband Micah and I are hosting a fundraiser for Mckayla on November 10th in Washington, DC. If you can make it, we'd love to have you there! Use this link to buy tickets or just make a donation.

To learn more and support Mckayla's campaign:Website:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Handle: @MeetMckayla

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