Self Care With Gracy

Healing All the Feelings with Rachel Kaplan of the Healing Feelings Sh*t Show

December 4, 2019

Feeling your feelings seems like a pretty simple concept, right? But if so, why do so few of us know how to really do it? Perhaps we need to go back to the basics, or as Rachel Kaplan of the Healing Feelings Sh*t Show podcast puts it, do some emotional potty training. Rachel has dedicated herself to helping others learn to feel their feelings and have fun in the process of self-exploration. 

In our conversation, we discuss: why it can be so hard to access our feeling within our current society, the connections between our emotional blocks and our physical blocks (ie, the sh*t), the tools that can help you process hard-to-feel feelings, and so much more! 
To stay in touch with Rachel's work, please check out the or search for the Healing Feeling Sh*t Show wherever you find podcasts. 

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