Self Care With Gracy

Adulting and Other Creative Acts with Life Coach Helen McLaughlin

March 6, 2019
Are the little things in life - the errands and chores - burning you out? How can we make the everyday stresses of "adulting" a creative act? During this episode, I speak with creativity-focused life coach Helen McLaughlin about ways to bring more self-care and joy into the seemingly never-ending to-do list of being a responsible adult. 
In our conversation, we discuss our views on this recent article about the "burnout generation", ways to bring more creativity into a 40 hour work week, and why it's so important create joy out of the monotonous acts of parenting. 
To learn more about Helen's work, visit and sign up for her weekly newsletter: Also, she's on Instagram at @wonderinghelen  On the second Friday of every month, Helen hosts a free co-working event called Get It Done Day. They've been going strong since November 2017! Folks need only to register (at that link above) and then show up with a handful of their most dreaded tasks, or those things they've just avoided doing for too long. Together, we get our stuff done...and have some fun in the process.

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