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How Music Helps Us Birth Something New with Music Therapist and Doula Beth Hardy

July 7, 2017
It's been such a fascinating process for me to explore the birth world!   I've learned the difference between midwives, birth assistants and doulas and each of their special roles in helping with labor.  Now, in this conversation with Salt Lake City-based doula and music therapist Beth Hardy, I learned the value of a music-based doula to help us create our optimal birth experience. 
Listen in and hear how Beth uses her unique talents to create specialized birthing soundtracks, why a personalized song can do wonders for infant bonding and what music helped her through her own challenging yet beautiful birth.  
Not pregnant or interested in birth?  We talk about how much music can help hold us through any big life transition and why important for all of us to use the awesome power of music to help us change. 
To learn more about Beth's work, please visit her website <>.  Also, check out the beautiful song by Deva Premal that helped Beth through her birth here <>